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Like many Party Planners its possible that if you’re here … 

  • You’ve done everything you’ve been told to do but you’re still struggling to get bookings
  • You’re taking lots of action but you’re not making much money
  • You have a good month with your parties and begin to feel hopeful then the next month is a complete disaster
  • You’re constantly getting postponements and feel as though you’re taking one step forward and two steps back
  • You’re family is complaining that they never see you and that your business is taking over your life
  • You’re feeling frustrated and ready to quit! 

If you want to find a solution that will end your struggle to get bookings then you are definitely in the right place!

LyndseyBaigentHeadShotHi my name is Lyndsey Baigent and I’m known in the Party Plan Industry as “The Booking Queen”. When working in the field myself as a Consultant I did over 1000 parties, averaging 20 each month and in my craziest month did a whopping 42 parties…that’s more than a party a day!!

Since then I’ve helped thousands of Party Planners move from struggle to success in their business and today I’m here to help you because frankly you deserve to have a profitable Party Plan business you love.

There are seven key areas you really need to master if you want to end your struggle to get bookings, all of which I teach in detail through my online programme – How To Triple Your Bookings In 90 Days And Make More Money In Party Plan.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Through My Online Programme
How To Triple Your Bookings In 90 Days

Pillar 1 – Developing A Mindset For Your Success this module you’ll get to see first hand whether your mindset supports your success or your struggle. You’ll learn:-

  • How to boost your confidence, raise your self esteem and deepen your self belief and most importantly sustain it.
  • How to get in the mood to party so your Party Queen shows up more consistently.
  • How to think in a way that supports you to create the success you desire.

Pillar 2 – Discovering Your Natural Gifts And Talents

CardDisplays2 WEB400wIn this module you’ll get the opportunity to delve more deeply into your Natural Gifts and Talents.  We’ll also be taking a closer look at the power of your WHY and how your Natural Gifts and Talents are the answer to discovering it.  Together we’ll explore …

  • How your Natural Gifts support you to move from Struggle To Success using twelve case studies of Party Planners from multiple different companies and levels of business from Consultant right through to Top Leaders.
  • All 26 Natural Gifts so you have an understanding of how to communicate more effectively with those around you.
  • The Top 10 Natural Gifts that most Party Planners have and how to use them to fast track your success.

Pillar 3  – Creating A Plan For Your Success

PlanFor many people the words “goal setting” brings up a lots of mixed emotion.  Some get excited and others completely shut down.  Wherever you are on the “goal setting” spectrum I am confident you will gain benefit from the content shared in this module as we explore:-

  • 7 Steps to Creating A Simple Plan for getting what you want out of your business.  This is perfect for people who are not so keen on setting goals but appreciate the need to have a plan in order to get to from where you are to where you want to be in your business.
  • A Life Management System that ensures you effectively blend all areas of life that are important to you.  If you are struggling to “balance” your career and family life and want a systemised way to get better results you will love this!
  • Creating Your Dream Day… if anything and everything were possible what would your dream day look like.  This is a really fun activity for those who like to dream big.

Pillar 4 – Generating Bookings From Scratch

FemaleJointVentureIf you have absolutely no bookings in your calendar firstly – don’t panic.  We’ve all been here at some point or another.  The secret is not to fear having no bookings but rather to know what to do if you find yourself in that position.  In this module I’ll teach you what to do and if you take action you’ll have bookings in your calendar in no time.  You’ll learn:_

  • How to identify your ideal customer so you know who you want to do business with and where to find them
  • How to create lucrative “Joint Venture” partnerships with mainstream businesses that result in bookings in your calendar
  • How to generate leads from expos, trade fairs and markets and turn them into profit in your bank account
  • How to turn objections into bookings by creating a menu of venues, a strategy that will get rid of up to 95% of your objections.
  • How to create a HOT PROSPECT list of people you can invite to book a party with you and I promise you its not the boring old FRANK List!!

Pillar 5 – Generating Multiple Bookings From Parties

CollaborateIn this module I’m on a mission to help you generate MULTIPLE bookings from every party you do.  So many Party Planners seem to be settling for two bookings at their parties.  Now please don’t get me wrong, two bookings is a great result if you only have two guests at the party, I mean you can’t do better than 100% conversion of guest to host.  But if you have ten guests in attendance you only have a 20% conversion and are leaving eight bookings on the table.  In this module I’m going to help you change that!!  I’ll share insights on :-

  • The life cycle of a customer and more specifically how to convert guests to hosts and hosts to consultants.  Now I know this is only supposed to be about bookings but if you’re okay with me over delivering on content then you’ll love these extra insights.
  • The 7 Stages Of A Party and how you can use each of the stages to generate bookings.
  • How To Do A Dynamic Party Presentation that generates sales, bookings and interest in joining your team.   If you tend to get a bit lost for words during your presentation, I’ve even supplied a winning Party script for you as well.   It couldn’t be easier!

Pillar 6 – Minimising Postponement And Cancellations

CancelledPostponedWhilst knowing how to get bookings in the first place is important, its equally important to know how to make the bookings stick.  There’s nothing more soul destroying as a Party Plan Consultant than to get the bookings only to have people postpone or worse still cancel.  So in this module I’ll teach you how to minimise the risk of this happening to you.  You’ll learn:

  • The number one reason people choose to cancel and what you can do to reduce the likelihood of people cancelling their parties with you.
  • What host coaching is, what host coaching isn’t and how to become effective at it.
  • A 7 Step Host Coaching System, complete with scripts, that if you follow to the letter, will ensure you have excited hosts and successful parties.

Pillar 7 – Working Successfully From Home

39166576MumBubComputer400pWhilst working from home is a dream come true for many, the reality is, it can sometimes be a little more difficult than first thought.   So in this module I’m going to be sharing some basic principals that will ensure you set yourself up to win working from home.  We’ll be exploring…

  • Why trying to manage time doesn’t work and what you can do to be more productive in your day.
  • How to keep track of your sales, bookings and team growth using “My Party Plan Business At A Glance”, a simple business tool that will keep your finger on the financial pulse of your business.
  • Why striving to balance business and family doesn’t work and what you can do differently to ensure your business doesn’t take over your entire life.

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“Finally someone who has something new to share in our industry”

Rhiannon Jordan Territory Manager World Organic

Rhiannon Jordan
Territory Manager
World Organic

I’d been in Party Plan for nearly 9 years when I came across Lyndsey Baigent’s workshop “How To Triple Your Bookings In 90 Days”.

I booked thinking to myself, “I’ve probably heard it all before but I’ll go along anyway because maybe I can learn some different word choices”. When Lyndsey started talking, all I wanted to do was yell out “Hallelujah”.  Finally someone who has something new to share in our industry!  I took about 15 pages of notes and started implementing her ideas the very next day.  The results were amazing.

After being stuck in the old world of direct selling, thinking there was no way out, I have re-engaged in my business with a new mindset and I’m excited.  All I can say Lyndsey is thank you , thank you, thank you !!

“Your Strategies For Success Are Tried And Tested And Proven To Work”

Pennie Wilson Manager UnderCoverWear

Pennie Wilson

I met Lyndsey in Sydney about 3 years ago when I attended one of her workshops with a number of my team.

The skills I learned and put into action have impacted my business still to this day.  My team have taken out the Top International Sales Award 2 years running and I put it all down to the success of the Mega Party, a strategy I learned and implemented as a result of attending Lyndsey’s event.

The sales and bookings that we generate through our Mega Parties keep my entire team moving and growing all year round!  Thank you so much for the skills you have taught me.  I use them all the time .  Your strategies for success are tried and tested and proven to work!!


“In Six Short Months She Has Transformed Our Business”

Jeanette Anderson Co-Founder Nature Direct

Jeanette Anderson
Nature Direct

In six short months she has transformed our business through empowering, purposeful training programs and seminars.

Her honest and down to earth style has already had an enormous impact on our team members and their confidence to grow in their independent businesses.  Her programs have offered everyone an opportunity to learn step by step in a fun and effective manner.

Lyndsey has a unique and dynamic style delivered in with rich, inspirational content.  Her own inspiring journey has revealed a self awareness that she’s excited to pay forward to other women in our industry.  We are delighted that she has aligned herself with us and look forward to our ongoing journey together.


Triple Your Bookings Today
For Just $197.00 USD